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All right, all gifts!

The perfect gift for you and your friends is just a couple of clicks away.

About Kekadò

Hands up anyone
who has never received a wrong gift!

With Kekadò you can give and receive the right gifts in just a couple of simple steps.

  • Download the app on your smartphone It's free!
  • Take photos of gifts you'd like to receive and share themit's easy and funny!
  • Find the perfect gift for your friends, it's useful!

How it works


    Register or enter with Facebook and create your profile:
    your perfect gift is just a couple of clicks away!


    Once you've found a gift, don't let it get away: take a photo of the gift you would like to receive, upload it on the app and write a description. Share it with your friends: it'll soon be yours!


    Invite your friends to download Kekadò from Facebook or your address book: that way you can find out what they want and share your desires with them.

  • HOME

    Insert and change your personal info and avatar whenever you want. You can also check out the latest gifts you or your friends have inserted.


    Take a photo and add the information your friends will need to make you happy.

  • MAP

    Find out where you can find the gifts your friends have posted: the right direction for the perfect gift.


    Keep an eye on your list of friends, their birthdays and the requests received.


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A shattered dream.

This could have changed Francesca’s life forever. Her first skateboard at 16 and then the discovery that she was a natural. The competitions, victories, popularity. At 19 she would have been named “Skater of the year” and would have made her Grandpa proud, but all he gave her was disappointment, not a skateboard.

How would it end with Kekadò?

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A marriage in ruins.

This will be Giovanni’s last wedding anniversary. After 10 years together, he’s realized his wife isn’t the person he thought she was. He used to enjoy telling her about his day, his job, even his love of DIY. She was happy to listen to him. Then came the silence, the indifference and this last bitter disappointment.

How would it end with Kekadò?

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A lifetime of disappointments.

It would have been a real treat for Maria. She could have invited her friends round for afternoon tea, show off her china and bake biscuits for her grandchildren. Her lonely life would have been filled with new joy. Instead, all she got was the usual disappointment.

How would it end with Kekadò?


Join the movement against wrong presents,
fight with us for a world where all surprises are winners.

  1. Upload the photo of a gift which caught your eye on Instagram or Facebook and don't forget the hashtag #smilekiller.
    The best photos will be posted in our gallery.
  2. Sharing is the first step to avoid wrong gifts.
  3. The second is to download Kekadò and actively fight for the right gifts.

Fighting for the right gifts.


Join the Kekadò network: it's a great opportunity to give visibility to your shop and grow your business.

Thanks for sharing on social networks, Kekadò:

  1. increases the visibility of your shop
  2. encourages purchases of your products
  3. widens your customer base

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